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Services included in Protection & Shine Plus

Tsunami Foam Cleaner: Applied at the beginning of the wash process. Completely covers your vehicle with a thick coat to cut deep into the dirt for a foaming deep clean.

Extreme Shine Wax: carnauba wax for long lasting high shine and protection. Scent of fruity grape fragrance. Bundle with our popular Rain-X® Complete Surface Protectant for the best in shine and protection

50% off Next Wash: Not only are you getting the best wash we can offer but you can also get the same wash next time you visit us within a month for 50% off. Simply print your receipt and enter the wash code located at the bottom and receive your discount!

Ceramic Seal: Lock in and seal your clean, dry, shiny and protected vehicle surface. Ceramic Technology bonds to the surface of your vehicle creating a layer that magnifies the shine and increases the protection.



Services included in Clean & Shine Plus

Wheel Brite Cleaner: Aggressively cleans asphalt oils, road film, brake dust, oil, and grease. Foams and clings on for thorough cleaning. Enhances shine.

RAIN-X: Delivers long lasting (30+ days) all-surface protection and improved water repellency. Contains UV protection. Repeated applications build protective layer.

Dry & Shine: Effectively dries vehicles much better than with just the air blowers. Buffs and Shines vehicle all while drying. Soft to the touch material.

High Gloss Tire Shine: Extra gloss enhancer for intense, mirror-like shine Conditions, nourishes, and preserves your tires’ rich black look. Water-based tire dressing. Protects from harmful elements that can cause cracking and fading.



Services included in Clean & Dry Plus

Triple Foam Polish: Red, Blue, and Yellow amor all triple foam polish gives your vehicle that new car shine.

Velocity Clear Coat: A rich dream-sicle scented liquid containing polymeric silicones that provides durability to clear coats and painted surfaces. Enhances luster while helping to protect against acid rain, road salt.

Paint Shine: Prevents surface degradation such as paint oxidation and dulling. Improves water repellency. Eliminates window streaking.


Clean & Dry

Basic Wash: This service provides for the exterior washing and drying of the vehicle without any of our outstanding upgrades.

Blue Coral: We use only soaps and cleaners that are name brand, bio-degradable, products and are totally safe for the environment.

Spot Free Rinse: Our Basic Wash includes a rinse arch with water treated by a Reverse Osmosis process that removes particulates from hard water to help prevent water spots from forming on your vehicle.

Self-Service Vacuums: All our wash services include free use of our powerful vacuum system making it a quick process to get your interior cleaned.